Competition rules
The participant's task is to pass his or her sections mentioned in the personal card. The participant must show the correct passing by twitching the buoy.
The winner is determined by the correctness of the track and the speed of the track.
The track of each participant consists of one segment A, B, C, D:
Segments from start to W, N, E, S;
Segments from start to NW, NE, SE, SW;
Segments S-W, W-N, N-E, E-S;
Segments N-NW, N-NE, E-NE, E-SE, S-SW, W-SW, W-WN.
The length of the track is the same for all participants.
За каждый верно погруженный буй
1 ball
Лучшее время в заплыве
Лучшее время среди участников
Второе время среди участников
1 ball
Третье время среди участников
How competition goes
In the ice, a series of lanes is cut out along the wind rose
A buoy marker is installed in each lane
Next to each lane, signs with the ordinal number are installed
Each participant is invited to go under the ice route consisting of three segments between the lanes
The length of the track is the same for all participants
Segments are indicated by ordinal numbers of lanes (for example: 2-4; 4-9; 9-3).
Each participant is given a card with an individual task. The map schematically indicates a given route. Before the start each participant by using a compass independently selects bearings for each segment of the track and writes the data to the map with the task.
Passing each section under the ice, the participant signals a marker buoy to indicate his or her location while completing the task. The referee records the signals on the score sheet for points to be earned. The participant receives one point for each correct passage. Additional points are awarded for time spent on the task. The best time is the shortest time. Additional points are awarded for the first, second and third time. The winner of the individual score is determined by the maximum number of points. The winner team is determined by the highest average point (the total number of points is divided by the number of participants).

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